Legal Support Services

Legal Support Services

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Trial Preparation Support

Yorkey Investigations provides a service for lawyers and paralegals to learn more about the background of your adversaries in legal matters and to assist in gathering evidence. A leading construction lawyer has recently been quoted as saying that he would not advise a client to proceed into litigation without first having a private investigator complete an asset investigation to ensure the viability of a successful lawsuit. Therefore, no matter which investigation agency you choose, it is beneficial for you and your client to investigate your adversary. At Yorkey we have many years experience in the preparation of files for trial.  The goal at Yorkey Investigations is to assist you in clarifying issues and developing the necessary evidence so that you will be ultimately successful in the resolution of your case.

We go to great lengths to ensure the evidence developed is legally acquired. It is counterproductive to illegally develop bank account information only to have your case thrown out of court. However we have the experience to know where to look where records available to the public, might lead to the information you require for your action.

Civil Litigation Searches

A Civil Litigation search involves searching the various courts for non-criminal lawsuit filings. This will determine if someone has issued a statement of claim against someone or if the individual in questions has ever been sued.  These types of searches assist in establishing insight into the character of the individual being investigated.  Yorkey Investigations provides this service whether it is a stand alone request or whether it is part of a larger scale investigation.  A paper trail can begin with this type of search.

Witness Locates

Yorkey Investigations provides a legal support service regarding witness locates for lawyers and paralegals.  The purpose is to find key individuals to support their civil or criminal cases.  Whether it be finding a witness for trial, for interviewing or finding a client that has disappeared the staff at Yorkey can assist.

Witness Interviews

The witness interview is important to obtain information that will be useful to the criminal case. The most important type of witness for the defence case would be a fact witness.  This witness could be the link to substantiating the factual story surrounding the case.  This witness could be an eye witness to an event.  This interview can be conducted over the telephone or in person depending where they are located. The questions will either follow a technique for questioning a witness or be scripted. The results will either be reflected in an oral statement that the witness will sign or by recorded statement taking. The key to building the truth is from factual relevant evidence.

Witness Credibility

Yorkey Investigations will provide background checks for lawyers who need to ensure the credibility of a witness.  The witness maybe testifying at trial and their character, background, competency and reliability must be verified.

Small Claims Court

Yorkey Investigations can help individuals with gathering information for litigation purposes when making a claim in small claims court. Yorkey provides a locate service for finding someone because there has been a judgment issued against them.  Locating a contractor who has performed poor workmanship or the contractor disappears with the deposit or payment that has been made in full.